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3d Laser Scanning & BIM Services for the Property Industry

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What we do....

With 20 years experience in 3d modelling, 10d specialises in 3d laser scanning for the property and AR/VR industries. 

Delivering cutting edge 3d laser scanning technology to offer our clients a faster, more accurate and cost-effective means of measuring sites than traditional surveying methods. We provide 3d spatial data, including point clouds and measured CAD drawings. Whilst our bread and butter are laser surveys for leases, planning applications, rights to light awards, party walls and as-built construction we are currently working with innovative AR/VR companies to develop new opportunities in property and across other sectors for our cutting edge technology.

Benefits of 3d Laser Scanning / Surveying
'Without the point cloud we would have had to spend days trying to understand the levels on the scheme' - Architect


In short the video below demonstrates that our team, from one site visit, can produce incredibly accurate point clouds that can be transformed into models to reduce repetition throughout the design team. The point cloud below only took a week from stepping on site to producing 2D floor plans and Elevations. The project in the video below would have been extremely difficult to survey using traditional methods due the many rooms spread over varying levels. 

By commissioning the 10d team the client ensured that the data could be utilised by the entire design and real estate team. The speed and accuracy of our surveys over more traditional surveying methods ensures all parties benefit from utilising our point cloud survey data from day one.  Our surveys reduced the need for highly skilled professionals to continually visit site, it allowed all the design team to carry out their own audit within the point cloud, interrogate and measure any element of the property from the comfort of their office rather than to repeatedly return to site to analyse the elements they have forgotten. 


Early production of a point cloud enables the team to demonstrate to stakeholders unforeseen opportunities in a 3D environment without extensive and time consuming modelling. At 10d we work with stakeholders so that the point cloud can be imported into the design teams preferred software speeding up the process and ensuring that all parties work with the same data. Who does it benefit? 

  • Clients (reduces the amount of independent models needed and speeds up the process)

  • Architects,

  • Planning & Heritage Consultants & decision makers, 

  • Interior designers 

  • Rights of Light Surveyor (captures adjacent buildings data),

  • Valuers & Agents (we produce the floor plans and can provide 3d models of the property),,

  • 5G telecommunications planning  - additional revenue generation potential as more cells are required for 5G network due to ultra high frequency),

  • Main, Fit-out & Demolition contractors (value and produce deconstruction methodologies in 3d). 


Whilst undertaking this commission our surveyor armed with the hi-tech laser scanning equipment also collated high resolution images that can be used for:

  • Condition surveys & 

  • Party walls awards